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SV Entertainment Limited Partnership available now.

StageVentures is the preeminent producer of live theater productions, primarily in Las Vegas. Since 2004, StageVentures has produced numerous shows in Las Vegas as well as on Broadway and for roadtours. At present, two of the most popular Las Vegas shows – “Absinthe” and “Mat Franco: Magic Reinvented Nightly” are StageVentures co-productions.

StageVentures’ strong relationships established over the past fourteen years has allowed us exclusive access to product not available to the general public. We are currently open for investment in the following shows, all opening in Las Vegas:

Investors can invest in any or all of these shows. Subscriptions will be available for each until fully subscribed. Please Note: we have limited amount available for investment in each show. Subscriptions will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Each show is treated uniquely with no cross-collateralization of productions thus ensuring full profit payout on each show.

Full financial information is available for each potential investment upon request. - 1200 Bay St, Suite 1201
Toronto, Canada, M5R 2A5 - (416) 640-6228 x212